The Lifestyle and Expofiesta 2011

Coolashade will be at the International Lifestyle and Expofiesta 2011

1 roof, 3 Days, 4 Exhibitions, 30,000 visitors, Free Entry and Coolashade will be there!

Coolashade will be displaying and selling their fantastic shade sails at the forthcoming International Lifestyle and Expofiesta 2011 at the IFA, Alicante, Spain. You will able to find us on Stand 232 where we will have an installation of our shades so you can see and feel the quality products that we sell. More…

A Great Big Thank You From Coolashade!

Rob, Diego, Tomas, José and Pepe would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Coolashade’s customers for their orders over the last year. It’s been a very busy one! We would also like to give a massive thank you too for all those at the Round Town News newspaper whose skills and prowess have made this another successful year for Coolashade. With intelligent advertising and a wide newspaper coverage Coolashade has had full exposure to thousands of people on the Costa Blanca and as a result of this has gained a great many happy clients, all giving positive feedback to our work.


The Importance of Shade in Garden Centers

Shading young flowers and established plants from the intense heat of the sun is a vital part of maintaining your garden center business, but how do you protect your live plant inventory in a way that not only works perfectly but also looks attractive enough to entice customers to your establishment? More…

Coolashade shade sails – A wise investment!

As I write this it is early July and the temperature here on the Costa Blanca area of Spain is teetering around the 32°c mark on the thermometer outside. The sun shines constantly most days and often when I walk down to the beach I see many Northern Europeans looking like lobsters. I do hope that none of these people are going to suffer permanent damage from their sunburn but the truth of the matter is that over-exposure to UV radiation is dangerous. But let’s not get all depressive in this wonderful weather. Let’s talk cash!

In this article I want to spend some time telling you about how Coolashade shade sails can make you money! As has been mentioned before on this blog and in the press the installation of a Coolashade shade sail on your property will add value in the long term. When you decide to sell to sell your home the commitment has already been made by you the vendor, so prospective buyers view the shade sail in situ, realizing its positive advantages and the clever way that it integrates into the surrounding property. More…

shade sail spain

Shading Spain

Shading Spain – Coolashade Shade Sails, shading, protecting and adding value to your property in Spain.

Shade Sails in Spain are the perfect way to add value and protect your property from the harsh Spanish Sun.

Shade Sails are a relatively new product in Spain, they have been installed and proven in Australia for the last 15-20 years and have now been brought to Spain.

Shade Sails in Spain are the perfect solution for providing UV protection during the hot summer months and are equally as beautiful as they are resistant to the extreme weather that can be experienced in Spain. More…

Cocos Beach Bar

Cocos Beach Bar – Cool Shade Sails for Funky Customers

Last Thursday evening, the 16th June, saw the grand opening of Cocos Beach Bar, Calpe, a new and exciting place to meet friends and enjoy a drink or two. We were there that night to experience the first night of this funky new bar as the owners had chosen to install 10 shade sails from Coolashade Spain. What a Godsend they were too! More…

Sun damaged paintwork

Protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a shade sail

Here in Spain we know only too well how strong the sun and its UV rays can be and we know that it is necessary to protect ourselves from the damage that can be caused by over-exposure to the sun. We usually do that by applying sunscreen and preferably by keeping out of the sun by shading ourselves sensibly. What we might forget is the damage that the sun is causing to our vehicles.

Many of us rely on our vehicles to go shopping, pick up family and friends from the airport, and enjoy days out, and we would like our transportation to keep looking as good as it did the day it came out of the factory. Not only do we feel better driving around in a vehicle that looks smart, keeping the condition of the paintwork on our car in tip top condition also affects the re-sale value of the vehicle when we come to sell it on. More…

Morning brings the beauty and benefits of the sun

Sunshine is good for you – in moderation!

This article may seem a little strange coming from a blog that is advising you to be aware of the dangers of too much sun and to protect yourself and your family with well made quality shade sails, but the fact is that, in moderation, the sun has many health benefits.

Of course, it is important to be cautious when out in the sun but this does not mean that we should shy away from it all together. Sunshine is vital to planet Earth and to everything that lives upon it. So what are some of the benefits of sunlight? Here are just a few examples of why we should enjoy the sun in a sensible and natural way: More…

The Dangers of Hot Playground Equipment

Summers in Spain can be hot, very hot, so it probably doesn’t surprise you to find that playground equipment can quickly heat up too. But just how hot can the equipment get, and how dangerous is it for your children?

Doctors and scientists tell us that a surface hotter than 49 degrees centigrade can burn, and it can be incredibly dangerous to children whose skin is more sensitive than an adults. The metal and plastic equipment used in playgrounds has lots of potential to heat up more than you’d expect when exposed to direct sunlight. More…

Shaded children's play area

Hot playgrounds are dangerous in Spain – Use shade sails for protection

Children’s Playgrounds in Spain can be a dangerous place when the sun is at its strongest. Shade Sails by Coolashade offer UV protection and keep your structures cool on the hot Spanish sun.

Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain are the leading company for Shade Structures to keep your Family safe from the harmful effects of the Strong Spanish sun.

Summers in Spain can be hot, very hot, so it probably doesn’t surprise you to find that playground equipment can quickly heat up too. But just how hot can the equipment get, and how dangerous is it for your children? More…