Two triangle shaped shade sails from Coolashade

My name is Rob Harris and I am the owner of Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain. I was recently interviewed for a news article in the press and the interviewers have kindly allowed us to publish the article on our website The interview will be published here in two parts and the following is the second part of this two part interview. The first part can be found here: Coolashade Shade Sails Spain Interview – Part one. I hope that you enjoy it and that it might answer any questions you might have about Coolashade and our attractive, premium quality and protective Coolashade shade sails.

5.0m Triangle Shade Sails x 2, colours Desert Sand and Polar White

Q. What colours and sizes does a Coolashade shade sail come in?
A. Coolashade shade sails come in a choice of colours to fit in with their surroundings and because all of our shade sails are custom-made they fit perfectly to the area that you wish to shade.

Our colours include the most popular choices of Desert Sand and Black, but we also have Terracota, Natural, Sky Blue, Rivergum and many more. You can see the full range on our website.

Q. I have an unusual size of area to shade. Can you make a special size for my property?
A. Coolashade manufacture custom shade sails to practically any shape or size. Our purpose made shade sails are perfect for any situation, and even when you think that a shade sail cannot fit, our dedicated installers will come and look for you and let you know if it is feasible to install a Coolashade shade sail.

Bespoke custom-made Coolashade shade sails benefit from the advantage of having reinforcing stainless steel wire sewn into all edges to give extra strength meaning that your investment lasts for a very long time.

Q. Can I install a shade sail myself?
A. When it comes to installing a Coolashade shade sail it is advisable to use a professional installer. Coolashade offer a full design and installation service to give our customers complete piece of mind. Our Coolashade shade sails installation service takes everything into consideration and Coolashade has five years experience shading Spain with hundreds of happy customers.

You can install a Coolashade shade sail yourself, or get a builder to do it for you, but there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account when installing a shade sail. Please make sure that you or the builder know exactly what has to be done to ensure that a perfect installation is achieved.

Q. How long does it take to install a Coolashade shade sail?
A. When the Coolashade team arrive to do an installation the first thing we do is talk again to the customer to make sure he or she is fully aware of where the posts and/or wall fixings will be. This is to make sure there have been no misunderstandings.

Holes for posts are dug and all waste materials are taken off site for disposal. Once the footings are dug then the posts are cut to length and concreted in to position. At this stage we will ensure that any wall fixings are drilled and the chemical fixings put in place.

After three to four days we will return to install the Coolashade and make good any floor coverings around the post holes. After this your Coolashade shade sail is then ready for use. For your peace of mind each Coolashade shade sail is issued with an all-inclusive three year guarantee.

Triangle Shade Sails x 3, 3.6m Triangles x 2 and 5.0m Triangle x 1, colours Desert Sand and Polar White

Q. Does a Coolashade shade sail need any special cleaning or maintenance?
A. Basic maintenance and cleaning is recommended to keep your installation looking good but this is simple and easy and can be done by using a hose pipe from below. A quick note though: do not use pressure washers on a shade sail. We also advise our customers to periodically check the connections and the tension of the material to ensure that your installation maintains its original looks and shape. If your Coolashade Shade Sail is maintained and checked regularly it will guarantee a trouble-free and long life. At Coolashade we are are also available to maintain your shade. Just contact us for more details.

Q. How long will a Coolashade shade sail last for?
A. The incredible strength and durability of our shade sails and fixtures mean that our sails won’t tear or fray and that our fittings will neither rust or tarnish. The manufacturers have tested the materials used in the construction at all extremes of temperatures and conditions and they have passed with flying colours.

What this means is that Coolashade shade sails are an all-season, 365 days of the year installation that looks great, works faultlessly and will give superb protection to your family and possessions. The shade sails supplied by Coolashade come with a 10 year guarantee meaning that your attractive shade sail will stay looking great for many seasons and years. There is also a three year guarantee on the installation – how’s that for peace of mind?

That was part two of this two part interview. The first part was published at the beginning of February 2012 and it can be found on the Coolashade website here: Coolashade Shade Sails Spain Interview – Part one

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