Shade Sails Installation service by Coolashade

Shading Spain with Quality built in as standard

Coolashade has over 10 years experience installing on the Costa Blanca, Spain and has hundreds of customers who are very happy with their Shade Sails Installation.

When it comes to installing a Shade Sail it is always advisable to use a professional Sail Shade installation company. Coolashade give a full design and installation service to give our customers complete peace of mind and our Shade Sail Installation Service takes everything into consideration.

Read on to find out about how our design and installation service can benefit you.


When selecting the area you want shading it is important to map where the sun will be when the shade is required. It is also very important to note if the main time for the shadow is preferred in the morning or evening. This is an important consideration to make when forming a dining area or a carport. We will plan the shade to your requirements and use our experience to advise the best solutions. We will make sure your Shade Sails Installation will be shading the area you want at the right times of day. Positioning your Coolashade Shade Sail so it looks aesthetically pleasing is also very important, placing posts in the middle of a patio or driveway is very obtrusive and can be avoided simply with the right design.

Shade sails pole installation


Once a design has been agreed it is then time to survey the ground and fixing points to make sure there are no obstructions. This is a very important consideration to make as it is not advisable to place a post directly where services like electric and water are underground as this could lead to extra costs being incurred.

Also during the survey all aspects of the positioning of the Shade Sail will be considered. Does it block the view? What it the best height to fix the shade? Will it interfere with any existing items? These are all very important considerations to make when positioning a semi-permanent shade structure.

Danger Underground Pipes sign


Once the survey has been completed and a design has been agreed the type of post can be selected. We have standard section posts that we use with our Sail Shade installations, but for larger areas we calculate the loads of the Shade Sail and manufacture the posts accordingly. One of the biggest considerations to make when selecting the posts is that the sun isn't always shining in Spain and every Shade Sail installation is subject to high winds and adverse weather conditions. Coolashade take this into consideration and adjust the specification of the posts, footings and fixing points according to the size and position of the finished shade.


After the Specification has been agreed verbally with the client, a full quotation will be given by email. This quotation will list all the materials to be used and give as much information about the process of the install as possible. We try to make the client fully aware of all the stages of an installation as possible.



We have standard Galvanized posts in stock at all times to allow fast turnaround for our Shade Sail installations. But when non standard posts are required we source the raw materials and fabricate/galvanize to suit each individual clients needs.

It is also very important that the concrete footings are the correct mixture as a bad or weak mix could cause the footing and post to fail dramatically under load. All connections and rigging used are over specified to give the assurance that they will not fail under load, giving our customers complete reassurance that their Coolashade Shade Sail will stand high winds and adverse weather conditions.

Shade Sails Installation

When the Coolashade team arrive to do an installation the first thing that is done is to once again talk to the customer to make sure he/she is fully aware of where the posts and/or wall fixings will be. This is to make sure there has been no misunderstandings.

Holes for posts are dug and all waste materials are taken off site for disposal. Generally for a smaller Shade Sail we recommend that the posts be buried at least 800mm deep and the footing to be 500mm wide, this increases for larger shades and loose soil. Once the footings are dug then the posts are cut to length and concreted into position. When we install posts we always give the posts a slight lean away from the centre of the shade to allow for any deflection the post may have.

Shade sail fitting bolt

Once we have the fixings and posts installed we then take the exact size of the Coolashade for manufacture including all diagonals and fixing heights.

We use the latest design and manufacturing software to make sure your Coolashade is made perfectly.

After approximately two weeks we return to install the Coolashade and make good any floor coverings around the post holes. Your Coolashade is now ready for use and for your peace of mind is issued with an all-inclusive three year guarantee.

Shade Sails fitting bolt panel
Please contact us for more information on our Shade Sails Installation services.