Shade sails over restaurant

One of life’s simplest, but greatest, pleasures is to sit in a bar or café enjoying a refreshing drink whilst relaxing on holiday. Countless bar owners know this fact and they spend lots of time and money making this experience as enjoyable and as pleasurable as possible for us. Stroll along a promenade in any resort in Spain and you will see busy cafés and bars filled with many holiday makers and regulars, the happy faces of their patrons supping on their ice cold beers and chilled wines, or enjoying a cafe con leche. What you might also see are uncomfortable children and adults squirming to squeeze under the parasol because the sun is burning their heads or shining brightly in their eyes.

People love to sit in the sun and get a nice tan but often when they want to get away from the beach for a while to cool down it is preferable to find a shady spot for an hour or so, to eat a snack and enjoy a drink in an attractive bar or café. Bar owners often provide parasols for tables but these are useless if there is a strong breeze. They also don’t provide much protection if there are more than two people using a table. The alternative is to sit inside completely out of the sun’s UV rays and heat, but who wants to do that whilst the sun is shining, especially if you are on holiday.

Custom-made Shade Sails at Cocos Beach Bar in Calpe

Fortunately Coolashade shade sails in Spain have the solution! A shade sail is an attractive, modern and efficient structure that provides shade and UV protection for bar and café customers whilst still allowing a breeze to flow under it, keeping its occupants cool when the sun is strong. They come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and colors so as a bar or café owner you will easily find the right kind of shade sail for you. Custom-made sizes are also available to ensure that a quality shade solution for your establishment can be created. They are also very affordable and the investment in a shade sail will pay dividends for the life of the shade sail, which can be quite a long time! Coolashade shade sails are guaranteed for 10 years, with a three year warranty on the installation.

A bar or café with an outside area that provides no shade will not keep its customers for long when the sun is beating down. After one drink the customers will have become too hot and they will move on to another establishment to seek shade or return to the beach. However if your café or bar has a shaded area the same people may make that one drink turn into three, four or even five, or even perhaps a meal. When a customer is happy they are more likely to spend money and you want them to spend their money with you! This is why having a shaded zone in the outside area of your business is not only recommended, but vital, to keep ahead of the intense competition from other bars and cafés.

Triangle Shade Sails, colours Black and Desert Sand at Denia Port

Because shade sails are a relatively new shading solution in Europe an establishment that has installed a shade sail or two is often seen as more modern, trendy even, than the surrounding competition. Shade sails look great during the day and at night when lit from different angles, they add a wonderful ambiance to any outside area.

Coolashade shade sails style, quality and protection are combined together to increase sales for your bar or café and to keep customers returning for the whole of their holiday, or the whole of their life if they decide to move closer!

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Square Shade Sail in Desert Sand colour at Bar Planet, Pedreguer