The Hockey Stadium - Photo: Populous/Getty Images

The 2012 London OlympicsUnless you’ve been living on the moon for the last few years you probably know that in 2012 the Olympics are being held in London! At the time of writing there are just 126 days to go before it begins. Here at Coolashade Shade Sails Spain we are looking forward to watching the games on television although to be able to watch the events live in London would be even better. We have been following the London Olympics news stories online and one news item very much came to our attention.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) have received complaints about lack of shade at London Olympics venues. Of course, Coolashade are experts in shade solutions so we were very interested to read more about this piece of news.

Some international sports federations have complained to the International Olympic Committee that there is minimal roof protection against heat and rain at some London 2012 Olympics venues. The federations say that there is a lack of shade in the stands which could interfere with the ability of sports fans to watch a number of events including rowing, equestrian, canoe slalom, triathlon, hockey and beach volleyball.

The Hockey Stadium - Photo: Populous/Getty Images

On a recent visit to London Denis Oswald, IOC coordinator, stated that the committee is concerned about a lack of covered grandstands at many of the London Olympic venues. According to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Oswald said, “The international federations have had to sign off on the venue designs, but we have had no real choice not to accept”.

Oswald insisted, however, that he was hopeful that the London Organising Committee could offer some protection. The Committee has said that it is considering protection at some areas for members of the press, but that there are no plans to extend this to the public. (Edited from

Coolashade have been shading Spain for many years and we know just how strong the sun can get. We also know how dangerous it is to sit watching a lengthy sports event without some kind of shade protection. Some sports fans take with them parasols and umbrellas for shade but this simply causes an obstruction to those sitting behind. Many will sensibly wear sunscreen but this is not much of a solution for heat protection.

Of course, generally the sun does not shine quite so much in England as it does in Spain, but still, Coolashade feel that some amount of protection is necessary. We await your call, London Olympic Committee!

Okay, so not many of us will be able to see the Olympic Games for ourselves in London, but I am sure that many will be enjoying the events on television. Perhaps you are planning on sitting outside in a cooling breeze watching the games whilst the TV sits inside your house. It goes without saying that you will need shade over you, not only to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays, but also to allow you to actually view your TV without the sun getting in your eyes.

If you already have a shade sail from Coolashade Shade Sails Spain then you are going to enjoy every moment of the Olympics, but if you have not had one installed then now is the time to do it. Contact us and for a very affordable price you too can have an attractive, modern and quality-made shade sail installed on your property, in a position to suit you, in plenty of time to watch your country’s team spectacularly win the beach volleyball held on some deserted beach in Skegness (probably)!

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