Keep Hydrated!

As I write this it is mid-June in Spain on the Costa Blanca, and the high temperatures predicted for today are supposed to reach up to 37 degrees centigrade. The beaches are busy, the sea is warm and the bars & restaurants are picking up and readying themselves for the full onslaught of tourists coming in the next few weeks.

All this heat reminded me of an article that I recently read online. Being an expert in the industry of shading people and possessions I always like to keep abreast of changes in the industry and I am interested in stories related to the sun, heat, and of course, shade.

The United States Government have made a series of preparatory recommendations for US citizens as the heat of the summer approaches. The main points they are asking their people to consider are: Water, Rest and Shade.

NOAA logoIn the United States, according to the NOAA National Weather Service, heat is the number one weather-related cause of death. This was initially surprising to read, especially when one often sees images of hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning in the USA on the television, and the related scenes of the destruction these natural occurrences can cause.

After I had thought on it for a while it began to make more sense. In general we don’t think of heat as being a killer. Sure, it can be uncomfortable, but we tend to carry on with our lives thinking that our feelings of exhaustion and prickly skin will pass. Unfortunately for some they realise the danger that they are in too late.

The NWS believe that 2012 will be hotter than normal. “Heat is an overlooked hazard because many people don’t recognize the hazard until they are already in trouble” says Steven Cooper of the National Weather Service. So what can we do?

There are three simple words to remember: Water. Rest. Shade.

Keep Hydrated!Water: Drink often, whether you are thirsty or not. It is especially important to keep hydrated in the heat.

Rest: Take breaks to cool down, preferably in the shade. If your job involves you working outside be aware of the symptoms of heat stroke (heat cramp, heavy sweating, weakness, fainting, vomiting and a rapid pulse).

Rest in the shade (preferably of a Coolashade shade sail)Shade: Use shade to rest safely in if you are working outside in the heat. If you are not working, but relaxing instead, it is even more dangerous to spend all your time in the blazing sun as you may not recognise the oncoming effects of heat stroke.

At Coolashade Shade Sails we cannot help you with drinking water or resting, but we are the experts in shading Spain and our attractive sail shades offer dependable sun and UV protection. The high quality custom shade sails from Coolashade keep you and your possessions cool whilst giving up to 96% protection from dangerous ultra-violet rays. You may not know but a great advantage of a Coolashade sail shade over other shading systems is the fact that air is allowed to flow freely underneath keeping its occupants happy and heat-free. Try it for yourself!

Contact us now to learn more about our great range of cooling custom-made shade sails that are available in many sizes and colours. We offer a guaranteed installation service and we work all over Spain and Europe. Remember that this summer there are three simple but important words not to forget:

WATER, REST, and SHADE (under a sail shade from Coolashade Shade Sails Spain!)

Keep safe everyone and have a great summer!

Two 5 metre triangle shade sails from Coolashade

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