Coolashade Shade Sails give excellent sun protection, as does SPF50+

Sunscreen products rated SPF 30+ are old news – SPF 50+ is now the new super-high factor protection available.

Sunscreens rated at SPF 50+ have begun to appear on the shelves of stores, but consumers are being warned not to be complacent simply because the products have a high rating.

Coolashade Shade Sails give excellent sun protection, as does SPF50+ Consumers will have a greater choice of sun protection products, but while SPF 50+ sunscreens will provide better broad spectrum performance, this does not mean you are completely protected from the harmful effects of the sun,” Australian parliamentary secretary for health and ageing, Catherine King said.

“You still have to be sunsmart and you will still need to apply SPF 50+ sunscreen just as liberally as SPF 30+ and re-apply liberally every two hours.”

Watch your back

In Australia, where they are currently experiencing a hot summer, men, women and children are urged to slip, slop, slap, and the Cancer Council of Australia has put out a message directly to men aged 45 and older to watch their backs – literally.

Australian Cancer Council CEO, Ian Olver, said that men in this age group were almost twice as likely to develop melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, than women the same age. Although melanoma can develop anywhere on the body, around one in three cases in men occur on the back.

“Men aged 45 and over are likely to have spent a lot of time in the sun in their younger years before we had skin cancer awareness campaigns, they’re more likely to work outside, or have done so in the past, and they continue to ignore health warnings,” Professor Olver said.

Phillip Artemi of the Australasian College of Dermatologists went on to say that most men don’t notice their skin the way women do. They are also far less likely to visit their GP if they do notice something wrong.

“But no matter what your age, it’s never too late to reduce your risk and prevent further damage.” Members of the public are being urged to cover up and also to get checked out for past sun damage to their bodies.

“The good news is that skin cancer, including melanoma, is largely preventable and the earlier it’s caught the better the chance of survival,” Dr Artemi said.

In Australia, people that live in the state of Queensland have the highest rates of skin cancer, and along with New Zealand, Australian rates for skin cancer are the highest in the world, according to a new report by Queensland Chief Health Officer, Jeanette Young.

Keep safe – Keep in the shade!

The words of Catherine King (above) are very true:

“You have to be sunsmart”

One of the best ways of being “sunsmart” is to avoid the blazing sun whenever possible, and this means keeping in the shade, and of course the best of way of keeping protected in the shade is by relaxing under a shade sail from Coolashade Shade Sails Spain.

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