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about our Coolashade Shade Sails and Installation

The Coolashade Shade Sails FAQs are some of the questions we get asked a lot by our customers. Have a look and see if we answer your question here, if not why not contact us with your question, we'd be happy to answer it for you.

A. Yes, extremely cost effective, when you consider the safe shade that can be provided for your friends, family and possessions. The shaded area provided will save your Garden Furniture in Spain from rotting and becoming brittle and also keep you cool and safe from harmful UV rays as well. Given the long life span of a Coolashade it works out to be very cost effective.
A. Yes, it definitely will. Shade sails have now been developed in Australia for more than 20 years and are used as decorative structures as well. With the help of Coolashade you can achieve a well designed, aesthetically pleasing structure which is designed to last and will Inevitably add value to your home.
A. The quality of cheap imported Shade sail material is very poor, if you buy an imported Shade Sail you run the risk of placing posts and fixing points for the sail to fail within the first year leaving you with the only option of buying again and again and again. Coolashade Shade sails are manufactured to the highest quality only using Marine grade fittings, and all Coolashade installations are backed up by our guarantee and commitment to Quality and service. Another consideration is when you are using a cheap imitation can you be assured that it is giving you the high level of UV sun protection that is required in Spain? We have tested several of these importations and found that the shade factor can be as low as 30% due to the light weight and open knitted construction of the sails.
A. If the house is of a brick/block/concrete construction then the answer is yes. Coolashade install specialist Epoxy Resin fixings into all wall connections. We do not suggest a simple screw and wall-plug as this only puts pressure on the outer surface and when your Shade Sail is under load it will fail. The most popular question asked is normally if it is possible to attach a Coolashade to a wall constructed from the Spanish 'Ladrillo' bricks. The answer to this Yes but while the Epoxy Resin fixings used give the maximum strength possible the wall itself needs to be strong enough to take the tension of the shade. You can watch a short video to show how we fix in solid concrete here – Chemical fixing in solid concrete, or if you have hollow brick built walls you can see it here – Chemical fixing in to hollow brick walls.
A. Basic maintenance and cleaning is recommended to keep your installation looking good. This can be simply done using a hose pipe from below (do not use pressure washers on a Coolashade). It is also advisable to periodically check the connections and the tension of the material to ensure that your installation maintains its original looks and shape. If your Coolashade Shade Sail is maintained and checked regularly it will guarantee a trouble free long life for your Installation. Coolashade are also available to maintain your shade, just ask for more details.
A. It is always advisable to have your installation done by professionals due to the many considerations you have to make when selecting the area to be shaded and where it is possible to have connection points. When installing posts we always engineer the size and weight of the post to suit the size of the shade and also the size/depth of the footing needs to be considered due to different soil types and positioning of the hole. The tensioning of your Coolashade is also very important because a very loose or ill fitting Shade Sail will fail prematurely in strong winds or inclement weather. But if a supply only service is required we can also advise and guide you through the installation process if needed.
A. No a Coolashade is manufactured using a high quality material called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and is knitted not woven so this allows for the hot air to pass through keeping you substantially cooler underneath. In a light rain the water will run off to the lowest point but in a heavier downpour the water will drain through the small holes.
A. Coolashades are engineered and installed to a very high standard and will stand up to winds in excess of 100kms per hour, but it is always advisable to take down your Coolashade during the times of the year when high winds are expected. This is very simple to do by releasing the tension. We will give individual advice for different situations depending on where the installation is, e.g. when on top of a mountain and open to the elements we would advise to take your Coolashade down from November to February but on an Urbanisation within a walled garden it could be left up all year round but keeping an eye on any severe weather warnings. Coolashade also offer a take down and put back up service for every year.
A. The UV rating of a Coolashade is dependent on what colour it is. As an example if the colour is White it would give a UV% block of approximately 91% but a darker colour Shade Sail for example Charcoal will give higher UV% block or approximately 98%. One way to explain what the shadow from a Coolashade is like is to liken it to having SPF35 sun cream all over your body whilst getting the benefit of a cooling breeze.
If you have any questions that are not shown please contact us with your enquiry.