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Shading Spain

Shading Spain – Coolashade Shade Sails, shading, protecting and adding value to your property in Spain.

Shade Sails in Spain are the perfect way to add value and protect your property from the harsh Spanish Sun.

Shade Sails are a relatively new product in Spain, they have been installed and proven in Australia for the last 15-20 years and have now been brought to Spain.

Shade Sails in Spain are the perfect solution for providing UV protection during the hot summer months and are equally as beautiful as they are resistant to the extreme weather that can be experienced in Spain. More…

Shaded children's play area

Hot playgrounds are dangerous in Spain – Use shade sails for protection

Children’s Playgrounds in Spain can be a dangerous place when the sun is at its strongest. Shade Sails by Coolashade offer UV protection and keep your structures cool on the hot Spanish sun.

Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain are the leading company for Shade Structures to keep your Family safe from the harmful effects of the Strong Spanish sun.

Summers in Spain can be hot, very hot, so it probably doesn’t surprise you to find that playground equipment can quickly heat up too. But just how hot can the equipment get, and how dangerous is it for your children? More…

The quality Shade Sail Company in Spain

Garden Sun Shade Sails – A new type of toldos

Quality Garden Sun Shade Sails by Coolashade are the new ‘Toldos’ for your garden or terrace in Spain.

Fed up of Repairing or replacing your Awning in Spain? Coolashades are the new type of Toldos in Spain to help protect your possessions and family from the hot Spanish sun.

Summer is coming and it is time to start the season of outdoor living. Warm, sunny days and long evenings are inviting us once again to use our gardens, terraces and patios. Roll out the old awning because barbecue time and fresh air parties are back. It’s time to take the loungers, dining tables and chairs out of the sheds and cellars where they have been in safe keeping during the cold months of winter. More…

Shade Sails Sun Protection

Sun Protection in your Garden using Sun Shade Sails in Spain is the way to protect your family from the harmful effects of the sun in Spain.

Sun Protection in Spain is very important for Children and adults alike, it is better to enjoy the weather we have in Spain safely than to get sunburn and risk the chances of skin cancers.

Sunburns can cause:
The skin to become red and tender. Blisters can develop days afterwards. Severe reactions (sometimes called “sun poisoning”), including fever, chills, nausea or rash. Skin peeling on sunburned areas can occur several days after the sunburn. Sun burns can be relieved with store bought creams or with homemade remedies such as: More…

Buying Standard Quality Shade Sails

Buying Square or Triangle Shade Sails in Spain online or from the garden centre?

Square and Triangle Shade Sails have been available in Spain for only 3-4 years, there are many quality levels. What should you look for when buying a Shade Sail in Spain?

Shade Sails have been manufactured commercially for approximately 20 years. The original manufacturers were based in Australia and most production of standard Shade sails has now been moved to Countries such as China, Vietnam and Korea. Whilst most of the larger players in the market for Shade Cloth fabrication control their quality and product manufacture, sadly there are many manufacturers jumping on the ‘band wagon’ and are manufacturing sub-standard Shade Sails that will not provide a long term solution. More…