Coolashades make a perfect addition to an attractive garden

Okay, so the above statement might not be completely true but just as the 2012 Olympics has caught the interest of the nation, here in Spain Coolashade Shade Sails are leading the field when it comes to protecting your family and possessions from the harsh summer sun.

Coolashade have been manufacturing and installing optimum quality shade sails in Spain for 5 years, and this year seems to have been the hottest so far. It is essential that we make full use of shade to protect our skin, especially the skin of young children, so as not to burn it or put ourselves at risk of skin cancer. A high quality Coolashade correctly installed on your property offers up to 98% protection from dangerous UV rays, meaning that you can enjoy outside living for longer each day.

Coolashades make a perfect addition to an attractive garden

Shade sails are a very clever way of keeping safe and cool. The shade cloth is specially created to allow the shade sail to breath, meaning that air can circulate through the fabric creating a cooler environment underneath. This means that when you are under a shade sail you are not having heat radiated from above which is the common problem with most other shading solutions, such as vinyl structures, metal roofs, parasols and gazebos. The bespoke quality shade material is UV stabilized and protected meaning that whatever colour you choose for your shade sail (we have a wide variety of colours available) stays that colour for the duration of its lifespan.

It has been quite blustery on the Costa Blanca this year and while some people are having to close their parasols and take down their gazebos in the strong winds, those that have purchased a Coolashade have not had this inconvenience. Coolashade shade sails are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and even in incredibly harsh winds they will not tear or fail, especially if installed by professionals. They also look quite stunning and can add value to your property, which is always a bonus!

Coolashades make excellent car shades for vehicle protectionYou may be wondering where a shade sail can be used. The obvious answer is perhaps its use in the garden to give cooling shade on a patio or beside the pool. This is perfect for outside dining and for keeping the kids safe during the hot sun-filled summer days, but where else can a shade sail be installed? We supply and install Coolashade shade sails in bars and restaurants which gives excellent shade for thirsty customers, in garden centers to protect plants and products, and in public areas where councils and businesses want to offer their customers or staff cooling shade. We have installed Coolashades in school playgrounds, over hot-tubs and beside barbecues. Another very popular reason for installing a Coolashade is to create a car-port to protect your vehicle from the intense sun and its powerful rays. Shading your car prevents unsightly paint fading and cracked interior dashboards.

For five years Coolashade have been installing most of their custom-made shade sails in the Costa Blanca area, with the occasional journey to France, Majorca, Ibiza and the Czech Republic, and now Coolashade are pleased to announce that their professional shade sail supply and instal service now covers the whole of Spain. Business is growing each year and more and more people and businesses are realising the benefits of Coolashade shade sails over other shading solutions.

Modern, up-to-date high-quality Coolashade connectorsShading technology is forever moving on and Coolashade always keep up with the latest advances and solutions. We always use the best shade cloth in our custom shade sails and our fixtures and fittings have been upgraded to the latest designs available on the market. We also wish to offer our customers other items of similar interest and two new products soon to be supplied by Coolashade are Coolashrooms, a modern and attractive answer to the traditional parasol, and Coolablinds, an internal shade that fits perfectly over any window to offer comfort to interior rooms, whilst still allowing a healthy amount of air to circulate. Please call us on 697 571 248 or email for further information.

Over the last year Coolashade have received lots of positive feedback about their shade sails, their installations and the quality of their customer service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their custom, and for taking the healthy and sensible step of installing a Coolshade to protect their family and property.

Coolashade – the winning shade sail solution in Spain!

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Article first published in the RTN 17-23 August 2012