Shading young flowers and established plants from the intense heat of the sun is a vital part of maintaining your garden center business, but how do you protect your live plant inventory in a way that not only works perfectly but also looks attractive enough to entice customers to your establishment?

Shade Sails Spain have the answer! Coolashade shade sails are designed to increase profits in retail garden centers by reducing harmful sun exposure to live plants by as much as 80%. It is a fact that garden centers using shade sails experience an increase in sales by maintaining healthier plants that are not subjected to heat damage whilst at the same time increasing the time a customer spends in the establishment because they can browse comfortably for longer as they are shaded from the heat of the sun and its harmful rays.

[singlepic id=90 w=320 h=240 float=right]Coolashade shade sails come in a variety of colours to match your existing decor and in many sizes to protect your displays of plants and flowers stock. As your customers look at your plants you can feel happy knowing that they are also being kept up to seven degrees cooler, therefore spending more time looking and less time rushing back to the comfort of their car or home. Adequate protective shading has been shown to encourage greater shopping traffic within garden centers and nurseries in all countries and environments.

In addition to protecting your plants and customers, Coolashade shade sails eliminate damage and fading of bagged products meaning more profits and less wastage. Shade sails are also the perfect solution if you also have animal life or fish ponds in your establishment.

Coolashade shade sails gives protection to plants, products and people. Style, quality and protection are combined together to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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