Buying Standard Quality Shade Sails

Buying Square or Triangle Shade Sails in Spain online or from the garden centre?

Square and Triangle Shade Sails have been available in Spain for only 3-4 years, there are many quality levels. What should you look for when buying a Shade Sail in Spain?

Shade Sails have been manufactured commercially for approximately 20 years. The original manufacturers were based in Australia and most production of standard Shade sails has now been moved to Countries such as China, Vietnam and Korea. Whilst most of the larger players in the market for Shade Cloth fabrication control their quality and product manufacture, sadly there are many manufacturers jumping on the ‘band wagon’ and are manufacturing sub-standard Shade Sails that will not provide a long term solution. More…

Coolashade launch Facebook pages in January 2011

Coolashade have now got two Facebook pages full of information and links regarding sun safety and sun protection for your family, friends and possessions in Spain. Please visit our pages and ‘like’ the page and you will be kept informed of all special offers and installations that Coolashade are doing all over Spain.

To view our English Facebook page please go to ‘Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain

To view our Spanish Facebook page please go to ‘Velas De Sombra en España

January 2011: Coolashade now have a twitter account

We have been personally using twitter for some time now, and find it a very interesting place to scource information that is relevant. Coolashade are now using twitter to post informative links and articles all relative to Spain. We have many resorces at our disposal and will only be posting the most informative and interesting links.

If you would like to follow Coolashade on twitter please visit us here: @coolashade

Starting in 2011 Coolashade are now manufacturing Shade Sails in Spain

Coolashade now have their own manufacturing workshop for Shade Sails in Spain. Due to the increasing costs of materials and transport from Australia, Coolashade have now formed a partnership with a ‘Sail Maker’ in Spain.

This will help to lower prices and also decrease the time scale from order to installation. We will also be able to control the quality and manufacture Shade Sails to suit any size or shape.

Bespoke Coolashade Shade Sails will also now be manufactured with Stainless Steel Cables captively sewn into the perimeter. We are the first company in Spain to be able to offer this superior quality way of manufacturing Shade Sails!

If you require a purpose made Shade Sail please go to our Bespoke Shades page to look at your options.

January 2011: Coolashade Shade Sails are now posting information via Press Releases

Coolashade have been looking at how to spread the word about the importance of sun protection and how the addition of a Coolashade Shade Sail can benefit everyone with a home in Spain.

We will be writing and adding more press releases as time goes on and all the links to these will be posted on this website and on our Facebook page. If you find these articles informative please share them with your friends. Simply go to our Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain Facebook page and ‘Like’ the page to be notified as and when we write and publish new articles.