Shade Sails Pattern

Shade Sails are a relatively new product in Spain, they have been installed and proven in Australia for the last 15-20 years and have now been brought to Spain.

Shade Sails in Spain are the perfect solution for providing UV protection during the hot summer months and are equally as beautiful as they are resistant to the extreme weather that can be experienced in Spain.

The basic description of a Shade Sail is a ‘Tensile fabric shade structure’ but this is a very loose description of a product that has so many good qualities.

Once a shade sail is installed it requires very little maintenance and can be left up in most weather conditions. If a Shade Sail is installed by a professional installer then there should be no reason that the installation would fail under normal weather conditions, always ask about the guarantees that are offered.

When thinking about having a Shade Sail fitted in Spain it is always advisable to seek the best solution for your application and not to rush to the cheap shop and buy a Chinese copy of the Australian material that will, as sure as the sun will shine in August, fail due to inferior manufacturing and materials. The market place is being flooded with cheap imitation Shades that are made to last one season and you can guarantee that when you require a replacement there will be non available, rendering all your hard work placing the posts and supports in the ground useless. Always seek the highest grade/weight of material that is available in the market place, this will usually not be the cheapest but why buy 5-10 times when you only need to buy a quality Shade Sail once?

Quality Coolashade Custom Shade Sails come in many colors and because they are custom-made to any size there is usually a solution to suit most applications, whether it is for a Communal area, Swimming pool, carport, BBQ area or even a terrace or patio.

Purpose made Shade Sails are manufactured to suit any size, shape or design. Coolashade high quality purpose made Shade Sails are manufactured with Stainless Steel Cables in the perimeter, giving a stable and hassle free installation for many years.

The pure beauty of a shade sail will add value and prestige to any property and it is also a safe and practical way of protecting family and possessions from the harmful UV rays we experience in Spain.

Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain offer a complete design and installation service to the whole of Spain, including the main cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Alicante and Valencia.

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