Sun damaged paintwork

Here in Spain we know only too well how strong the sun and its UV rays can be and we know that it is necessary to protect ourselves from the damage that can be caused by over-exposure to the sun. We usually do that by applying sunscreen and preferably by keeping out of the sun by shading ourselves sensibly. What we might forget is the damage that the sun is causing to our vehicles.

Many of us rely on our vehicles to go shopping, pick up family and friends from the airport, and enjoy days out, and we would like our transportation to keep looking as good as it did the day it came out of the factory. Not only do we feel better driving around in a vehicle that looks smart, keeping the condition of the paintwork on our car in tip top condition also affects the re-sale value of the vehicle when we come to sell it on.

Sun damaged paintwork

Most modern cars come with a three year warranty on paintwork, some even carry a five year warranty, and the technology used in vehicle paints has come a long way in the last few years, but even with all the improvements that have been made very strong sun can still cause damage to the paint on your car, motorcycle, truck or caravan. The paint on vehicles is there to protect the panels from rusting and give an ultra glossy attractive finish but there is nothing except the paint’s clear coat itself to provide protection from the damaging UV rays. If your car’s clear coat gets scratched and oxidised eventually it fails to protect the surface from the elements. If left totally naked, oxygen and UV rays combine to attack it and destroy it.

There are car covers available in many shapes and sizes that offer protection but they are not ideal. They suffer from the effects of strong winds and are a pain to keep removing and then re-covering, especially if you are just popping out for a few minutes to the shops. Another way to help overcome these problems is by regularly applying a coat of wax to the car or by paying to get the vehicle protected with special films and coatings.

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One of the most convenient ways is to keep the vehicle in the shade as much as possible. The shade sails that we supply and fit at Coolashade do a tremendous job of protecting your car. Unlike metal or plastic roofs that you might find on a car port, shade sails do not allow the car to bake in the oven effect caused by these types of coverings.

Sun damaged cracked leather seats

Shading your car with a shade sail also keeps the interior of your car from getting damaged by UV rays from the sun. Leather interiors look and feel fantastic but if the leather is exposed to intense UV rays it will soon dry out and crack and it can be very costly to repair. This too applies to the plastic elements of a cars interior. They often fade and crack and can soon look shabby if left unprotected.

It may seem strange to hear but parking your vehicle under a shade sail also has the added advantage of saving you fuel! How, I hear you ask? If you get into a car that has been sitting in the sun for a few hours you might immediately turn on the air conditioning to cool the car down. If the interior is already boiling hot the air con has to work twice as hard to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level, which uses extra fuel. It may not seem much but if this happens everyday not only do you put extra pressure on the engine, the fuel cost soon mounts up. Keeping your vehicle in the shade keeps the interior of the car cool therefore allowing the air conditioning to perform its job quicker and more efficiently.

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Coolashade shade sails come in a variety of sizes to give shade to whatever vehicle you want to protect. They can be installed quickly and easily and they are guaranteed for 10 years. They also look great and add value to your home. Unlike some unknown brands, Coolashade Shade Sails are cleverly designed, have many years of development behind them, are incredibly well made and come in an assortment of colours to suit the surroundings. Don’t delay, protect your vehicle today!

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