Cocos Beach Bar

Last Thursday evening, the 16th June, saw the grand opening of Cocos Beach Bar, Calpe, a new and exciting place to meet friends and enjoy a drink or two. We were there that night to experience the first night of this funky new bar as the owners had chosen to install 10 shade sails from Coolashade Spain. What a Godsend they were too!Cocos Beach Bar

Coolashade Shade Sails - Shade Sails for Bars & RestaurantsIt was a windy evening, not cold by any means, but the breeze was enough to chill you just a little so when we entered the stylish seating area at the rear of the establishment and saw three large side mounted sails for protection we sat down. We found that we could sit there on the comfy seats and enjoy our drinks safely buffered from the wind by the Coolashade shade sails. A perfect place to relax and unwind on a gusty night!

As we sat and enjoyed the Balearic House music with live saxophone sounds I noticed the seven Coolashade shade sails above our heads. The disco lights were dancing on them, sparkling and shiny, enhancing the mood. Shade sails are so modern and fresh in design that in this funky bar they created an ambiance that fitted in perfectly with the stylish seating, sophisticated drinks and beautiful people. I felt like a super star!

Coolashade Shade Sails - Shade Sails for Bars & RestaurantsCoolashade Shade Sails - Shade Sails for Bars & Restaurants

Cocos Beach Bar stands on the promenade opposite the wide open sands of the Arenal-Bol beach and has fantastic views of the Peñón de Ifach. It can be found at the end of Calle Alemania on the Paseo Marítimo Infanta Elena where there used to be a small mini golf course. I played golf there once and I remember the sun beating down on me. Not only was I in need of a drink to quench my thirst but my head was desperate for shade. Fortunately both these things can now be found here!

The owners of Cocos Beach Bar

Mask Garden FeatureOn the opening night of Cocos Beach Bar the Coolashade shade sails kept us protected from the wind and I can see how necessary they will be for day time visitors. The owners of Cocos Beach Bar know that shade is important for its patrons and by investing in Coolashade shade sails they are providing their customers with a stylish product that gives up to 98% UV protection and at the same time allows just the right amount of air to flow around the establishment.

So if you fancy having a nice relaxing drink in trendy surroundings go to Cocos Beach Bar – enjoy the music, kick back with a tall long cocktail and watch the lights sparkling on the shade sails whilst the sun sets over Calpe – Wonderful!

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