Coolashade 3D Design service

Conceptional drawings of your Shade sail installation in Spain.

Coolashade are the only Shade Sail installation company to offer a FREE drawing design service in Spain.

When you are planning to invest in a Shade Sail in Spain it is very important to get every element of the design correct, this is where we help our customers to visualise their Shade sail installation using the latest, and constantly upgraded, 3D design software.

When Coolashade survey an area for a Shade sail installation we can also take pictures and create a drawing to show how the design will look after installation, we can even create multiple drawings with different coloured Coolashades to help with choosing the correct colour, this visual aid can be priceless when designing an outdoor area.
3D Design Shade Sails

When designing an area for a Shade sail installation it is important to understand that the sun is constantly moving, week to week and hour to hour its position changes in the sky. When we start a Shade Sail design we will also ask what time of day it will be mostly used and also what times of the year. This is very important because when we take the initial pictures we also make a note of the GPS position and can create a 3D design to show the position of the shadow at the chosen time of the year and also the hour in the day. This is very important for areas that will be used for outside dinning and general seating areas. What is the point of a dinning area you can only use at midday?

When considering a Shade sail installation in Spain you may also want to create a shaded area with the benefit of added privacy, Coolashade 3D drawings can also help with this by showing the actual position of the finished Shade Sail installation and the amount of cover it will provide from a number of directions.


If you like to take a midnight skinny dip in your pool but are over looked by a neighbour we can show you the amount of privacy you will achieve before taking the plunge!

Here are some more examples of Shade Sail installations that we have done using our 3D design service.

If you would like Coolashade to design your perfect area of shade and to be certain that you are going to achieve what you desire please contact us for your FREE Shade Sail Installation 3D design drawing.

3D Designs Shade Sails layout
3D Design Shade Sails over play area
3D Design Shade Sails over outside gym